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Why Your Business Should Outsource Social Media

By Jess Bentley on April, 18 2018
Jess Bentley

I’m a self-taught chef who’s cooking & eating her way through the Queen City of Charlotte, N.C. I’m a food and drink journalist, and you can find me most weekdays at Foodesign Associates working in their marketing and photography departments.

3 Reasons Your Foodservice Business Should Consider Outsourcing Social Media

There are many reasons why your business might want to hire an agency for social media. Perhaps you are seeking ways to keep your current customers loyal or want to increase sales. Whatever your reason may be, deciding on how you'll market your brand (and WHO will manage it) can often be a difficult decision.

However - fear not - below are a few reasons why outsourcing your social media strategy might be the best choice for your business. 



Do you ever wonder why one post will get 100+ likes, while the next only gets 22? It all comes down to your target market, when they are active on particular social channels and what they are looking for. Before you post something, you need to determine the following:

  •  WHO are you targeting? 
  • WHAT action steps are you wanting them to make?
  • WHERE and HOW will you collect performance data? 
  • WHEN is the right time to post on each social network?

Agencies (ahem... like Foodesign) have access to several state-of-the-art marketing tools to test, measure and analyze the results for each one of your business' posts. This results in an optimized social strategy that creates the returns you are seeking. 

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What's the difference between hiring an in-house media associate and outsourcing? With Foodesign, for example, you receive access to our experienced staff that specializes in different knowledge bases.

An agency team might consist of graphic designers, social media and marketing mavens, website gurus, skilled writers and photography experts.To be frank... more people = more ideas = more variety for your engaging (and may I say... pretty awesome) social media account. 

Have you ever tried to find one person that encompasses all those things? If you have, I bet they cost a pretty penny and only work the 9-5. 

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Speaking of costing a pretty penny... Foodesign's social media management averages less than the cost of one in-house employee (which averages $54k per year plus benefits). Many companies are apprehensive when it comes to spending money on outsourcing, but when they work with Foodesign... they really shouldn't be. We want to see your company flourish... so let's chat! 

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