Top 5 Reasons Your Company Needs Video Marketing– part 1

By Leslie Godshall on June, 1 2017
Leslie Godshall

Video MarketingYour company needs video more than you think.

Think Video isn’t important?  Read below. (Oh the irony!)

If you’re not currently producing videos to get your brand message out and connect with current and future customers, you’re missing out on a big video marketing opportunity.  Why is Video so critical?


The emotional connection

When your customers hear a friendly, likable voice telling them valuable information, they connect with your company emotionally. You can’t get the same result from a blog post or a white paper.  Seeing and hearing your sincerity is powerful. Most sales people will tell you that people choose to do business with people they like. Video is the best way to show off your company’s “personality.”


SEO – Google will love you

Google gives more search engine weight to video content than it does text. A properly done video with relevant tags can show up higher in search results than other forms of online content including blogs. And if your video is really creative or informative you may have the opportunity to go viral. YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors every month. People are searching for video more than ever before.

Most people choose video over reading

Studies have shown that the most highly consumed content is video. Given the choice between reading several paragraphs and watching a 2 minute video, video wins hands down. According to Cisco, by 2017 video will dominate 67% of all internet traffic.

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Your message – simple and sticky

Video allows you to use motion, animation and sound to help communicate complex ideas. Formatting your business or process into a video story helps people understand and remember. If your company promises a specific result, you can show the result in real time or time lapse to clearly communicate your performance. Great writing and a skilled narrator make a big difference in creating videos that are easy to understand.

Credibility counts

If people believe everything they read on the internet, they REALLY believe what they see. The tone of your video can communicate professionalism, trustworthiness or even fun. Video gives you the chance to stand out above your competitors as the knowledge expert in your field. Seek to inform and inspire and your brand will get a positive boost in perception. Speaking to your customers’ pain points shows that you understand their needs and that you can be trusted.

Consider this...

Production quality is important. Poor lighting or scratchy sound can be the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot. Just follow some basic best practices and you can produce a simple video with a lot of impact.

The most common barrier to Video production is cost.  It can sometimes be expensive.

You need creative concepts that are impactful but easy to produce. 

Start by evaluating what resources are available to you internally. You may have a skilled spokesperson and a solid writer in-house. Then, find an affordable video production company who can help you from concept to execution. 

Foodesign is here to help. 

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