The 5 Essentials of Branding Guidelines

By Ellis Lineback on June, 13 2017
Ellis Lineback

5 Essentials of Unified Brand DesignBranding guidelines and your unified voice. 

Every brand, from the smallest personal website or new startup, to corporate giants such as Adidas or Wendy's, need a set of branding guidelines and rules to maintain their identity. This document, which can range from a few pages, to several hundred, is the thread that holds together what the public sees from a company. 

The brand bible sets the tone for the personality the company wishes to portray. This front facing, visual guide also dictates any communications made on the comapany's behalf. Personal communications, social media, advertising and design all draw from this guide. There's plenty to go over when it comes to laying out this all encompassing document, however we'll dig deeper into the design side. 

DNA of Brand Guidelines.jpg

Keep in mind these essential elements when creating or reworking your own brand guidelines. 

For more information on creating even better visual elements to your Brand Bible, check out the Essential Stages of Design. 

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