Restaurant Marketing: 5 Ways to Promote Your Business

By Tekoa on May, 5 2017


Restaurant Marketing: 5 Ways to Promote Your Business

Are you looking to grow your restaurant business? Get more people to eat at your restaurant by learning 5 new ways to promote your business. 

Your restaurant has great food, perfect service, and a wonderful atmosphere. Shouldn't that be enough to attract swarms of customers? Shouldn't the food and experience sell itself?

Unfortunately, running a successful restaurant will rarely happen on these standards alone. In order to get new and consistent patrons, people need to know about the restaurant. This is where restaurant marketing comes in!

Good marketing doesn't require a large budget or a marketing degree. There are a few simple steps you can take to get the word out about your restaurant in a way that will actively attract new customers.

Read on to learn five simple ways to market your restaurant.  


These days, a website is an absolute requirement to effectively represent your restaurant online. A website will also be the cornerstone of your restaurant marketing since it's the most important place to make your pitch.

A good website needs to offer more than just basic information. You need to explain why your restaurant is above your competition. You can even add additional features like online ordering to keep people coming back to the site. Be sure to have a site that's visually appealing and intuitive navigation tools.

Local Partnerships

Having a local presence in your community can help with word-of-mouth advertising. This will get people talking about your business. It's often cheap and sometimes more effective than traditional forms of advertising. 

Make connections with other local businesses. Get involved with local community causes and events. The more you participate in the community, the better. 

Social Media

Many restaurants struggle with social media, particularly if they don't understand its role. Social media isn't meant to advertise like traditional marketing. The platform is meant to get people talking, like local and word-of-mouth advertising.

In other words, you want people to do the advertising for you. Set up a basic profile for your restaurant on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and use them regularly. Post daily updates and useful information so people will continue to come back.

Location Marketing

Location-based marketing is a relatively new form of digital marketing where customers will receive customized ads, deals, and other promotions depending on their location. Using this for your restaurant will allow you to pick certain local spots to deliver ads to potential customers.

Your ads can be traditional or creative depending on how you want to communicate your business. Select locations with high traffic or that are relevant to your restaurant's local presence.


Many restaurants outside the pizza business fail to realize the value a delivery service provides. Delivery is essentially mobile marketing. Anywhere a car goes to deliver food, your restaurant will be represented.

Think about how delivery could work for your restaurant.

Making Restaurant Marketing Work

Any form of marketing requires some strategic thinking and persistence to make it work. Using these five tips, you will be able to spread the word about your restaurant as long as you remain committed. Make your restaurant marketing a part of the daily routine.

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