Best Methods Marketers Can Equip a Sales Team

By Jackson Roberts on May, 1 2016
Jackson Roberts

Empowering your sales team is the name of the game for the most effective communication they can have with clients. Though, “armaments” sounds cooler for the equipment needed in the field of battle that is sales. As a marketer, making sure the guys in sales get the best information and tools they need to get their jobs done above and beyond is key.

Call Upon Them

It’s not just seeing a problem that needs fixing, rather it’s asking the right questions that fit their needs. What have they noticed the best solution usually is for certain situations? Narrowing in on what the most effective marketing strategy is, from the perspective of sales and sales managers, is much better than publishing content for the sake of it.

Training and Support

Training isn’t just that meeting everyone sits through their first few days on the job, but is an ongoing process that will constantly evolve to an environment. Support  is that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you equip your sales team with sweet tools and resources to be the marketer they always dreamed they could be.

  1. Face-to-face

The in-person method isn’t just slideshows if done right. Think competitions and interaction. Give the sales team something they can take away from the training and strive to achieve.

  1. Using the Necessary Equipment

A sales content library should be used much more than studies suggest they are being used currently. This central hub must be easily accessible for the sales team to gather any and all marketing resources necessary to be effective at their job. The sales tools in this library is the difference between achieving a sales goal and failure.  This invaluable content library should include such content as:

  • A first call deck
  • Customer stories and testimonials
  • Event and webinar calendars
  • White papers and e-books
  • Infographics, videos, and other visual content
  • Email templates
  • Presentation tools and templates

Sales Tools for Marketing

3.Lead Nurturing From Within

Prospects and customers aren’t the only ones that can benefit from a lead nurturing campaign. Enable the sales team with drip campaigns that have optional training resources. This way you can check out the engagement of your sales team and adapt training to what suits their learning style.

  1. Competition

The competitive nature of your sales team can be used to your advantage through contests. Bolster their spirits and healthy competition with prizes for deeds well done.

  1. Templates

Marketing approved email templates will enable your sales team to take the next step in marketing themselves. The added tool of being able to follow up with contacts with little work on their end will be appreciated.


Treat your sales team with respect and work towards the most effective communication strategies. Remember that sales enablement is an on-going process that requires both ends of the conversation to be committed to doing their best work for each other.

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