Easing Pain Points for Marketing Managers

By Leslie Godshall on May, 3 2017
Leslie Godshall

Marketing with Analytics

Marketing Managers Can Equip Marketers with Actionable Analytics 

Marketing is becoming more difficult

Research shows that most marketers today agree that their role of the marketer is becoming more complex and more stressful compared to five years ago. This makes it more difficult to be effective, especially when compounded with a lack of resources needed to accomplish your business’ expectations.

 Analytics is the answer

Forbes cites an IBM study of the biggest pain points for marketing professionals.  The conclusion is telling – analytics and the ability to act on insights is where the edge for success lies. “Marketers are focused on being the growth engine for the firm.  Those who are driving better firm results … tend to be significantly more adept at tracking, technology, and analytics and use these tools to develop more sophisticated and adaptable solutions.”  

An Econsultancy survey also shows that besides IT/web dev team bottlenecks, the top pain points are: 

  • A lack of time to test and optimize campaigns
  • Inability to keep track of customers across different channels and on different devices
  • Data-related challenges with marketing attribution and turning data into insights

 Econsultancy emphasizes that as an industry, marketing is experiencing a shortage of analysis resources to interpret data collected.  This quick video says it all:


Other challenges for marketing managers:  providing clear results , success stories, and a strategic plan for effective future changes – all the things that executives want to see in order to move forward with confidence in their overall business model.  

 Getting the Data to Work for You

An agency that specializes in Inbound marketing and analytics can be a huge asset to your marketing team.  theFUZE partners with marketing managers to not only plan and implement campaign strategies, our experienced team guides you through the analysis and reporting process.

Forward-thinking marketers will attempt to adjust their strategy based on data, trial and error.  A common thread for success is to develop and repurpose content that drives leads, and to abandon anything that doesn’t. 

If you have a solid tool for tracking the performance of your marketing campaigns, it’s easy to spy out which content is striking a nerve with your audience.


One tool that could make all the difference

New breed Marketing cites Hubspot as their #1 pick for a powerful All-in-One Inbound tool that helps save time to build your marketing campaigns and evaluate and report on those efforts.

Not only does Hubspot give you a centralized toolbox for content development, social posting, and a CRM, it has a robust analytics dashboard that covers SEO, lead nurturing, and campaign performance. 

Hubspot also includes a Marketing Grader tool that give instant views to the strengths and weaknesses throughout your marketing funnel.  The Grader shows which of your channels used drive the most traffic, how much traffic converts to leads, and how many campaigns lead to acquiring actual customers, as well as cost per customer acquired and several other valuable data.


Data-driven marketing is the new gold standard for organizations who want to see growth and measurable impact on ROI from their marketing spend.   As a Hubspot Partner organization, theFUZE can provide you with the marketing support needed to make the greatest impact. 

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