How To Create Focused and Engaging Stories for Your Website

By Matt Martinez on June, 27 2017
Matt Martinez

Matt Martinez is a marketing specialist at Foodesign.


What does it take to create great content?

Story drives everything.  Branding, advertising, marketing, you name it.

But what’s a story?

Some argue that you can’t define “story.”  You just tell it.  You just feel it in your gut.

But that’s ridiculous.  And an excuse to engage in lazy storytelling.


What a story isn’t

 A story isn’t a list of facts about someone or something.  That’s context.

A story isn’t a description of how something sucks.  That’s a pain point.

A story isn’t how something makes you feel.  That’s an experience.

A story isn’t the explanation of how something works.  That’s a manual.


A story isn’t that a character achieves their objective.  That’s the ending.


What a story is

 A story is the thing that jolts a character from their current context and causes problems.  A story asks a question that is impossible for the character to refuse, and joins them on their journey to answer it.

Don’t fall for the temptation to pick a single point in time or space and call it a story.  It’s not.

Story is found in the gradual transformation of one thing into another.


From child to adult.

From weakling to champion.

From failure to success.

From stranger to client.


Without change, there is no story.


And story drives everything.

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