Facebook Workplace: The new intra-office communication tool?

By Jackson Roberts on October, 17 2016
Jackson Roberts

Facebook has launched a completely separate platform for businesses and workers to communicate, away from previously created personal Facebook accounts. Instead, businesses sign up and are charged by Facebook Workplace as it pushes its way forward as a new option for enterprise-level internal emails, mailing lists, and intranets.

You've probably told yourself that you can do actual work on Facebook while at the workplace, well now the dream comes true without the clutter of baby photos. Expect a similar interface with the familiar newsfeed, messenger, groups, events, and live streaming options. The formula works the same for showing relevant information, and Facebook thinks that since 1.7 billion people are used to the interface there isn't much to change.
an interface for the new facebook workplace platform on a laptop

You'll notice the general layout is the same. Profile picture, header image, about section, write a status and look at a past status. Basic Facebook user navigation all the millennials can draw a picture of blindfolded. The trademark Facebook blue is gone and there are no distracting games or ads to keep you from work.

The intimacy most have with Facebook is what Julien Codorniou, head of Facebook Workplace, hopes will push users to abandon platforms like Slakk and Hipchat. When he says the goal of Workplace is to "connect everyone", it is limited only to a profession with an internet connection. “We wanted to talk about an easy to use product and democratic pricing with customers,” Codorniou says.

facebook workplace interface on a samsung phonePreviously called Facebook at Work, the service is in its early stages and has required an invitation over the past year. But the official release is now worldwide for organizations who wish to purchase the service.

Facebook has become a necessary platform for billions of consumers around the world and is now seeking to expand that reach aggressively to the workplace.

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