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By Jackson Roberts on November, 2 2016
Jackson Roberts

How to Use Visual Content to Reinforce Your Brand

We are a visual society. This means that all the marketers out there are scrambling for the best visual content they can muster on a regular basis.

Fresh, compelling, and informational are three words that could be used to describe great images for hooking your audience (there are many words out there though)

Ok, it takes more than trendy buzzwords when choosing the right imagery for your content. Understanding those gut reactions people have to visuals is more than half the battle when it comes to getting those shares and likes and such.


  1. Action before words

Anyone can pick a cool looking image, but choosing one that will directly affect how your audience will act or feel is far more important.

The desired reaction you want from your audience begins with the image you choose (choose wisely)

In the style of an article or editorial, use an image that provides context for the content that will follow.  You get even more marketing gold stars if you use an image where you follow your own advice.

You’ve written an article on life hacks for keeping track of your keys? Get an image of one of the examples you talk about in your postDIY LEGO Key Hack


  1. Chart your course

Concepts are difficult to explain sometimes and people respond even more negatively to those when they come in the medium of words. The visuals you use can be a powerful tool to not only catch the short attention span of your viewer, but also convey that difficult concept. Like these colorful graphs from Statista:

Social Media Graphs

The savior in these situations for getting that crucial information across comes in the form of graphs and charts.

  1. Keep it consistent

One of the biggest mistakes most businesses make in choosing visuals is in not keeping any kind of theme. Regardless of what you want your brand to be known for, there should be some coherence in the visuals used to promote that identity.

Our friends at Gorilla Glue keep their brand consistant on social media with their signature orange color scheme and contests for sweet products.



Visuals on social media platforms should be similar in format so there is no misunderstanding for your brand identity. Visitors to your pages come for the same content you usually post and inconsistent changes to that structure risks losing your current audience.

  1. Be a human being

Just have fun. The corporate life is generally something people try to escape when browsing social media. You can be different through spontaneity and offering a glimpse at the behind the scenes of your off –work moments.

Taco Bell has done this well across all their social media platforms, but their instagram has capitalized on the fun they can have visually.

Taco Belle Fun

Taco Bell has it going on over at their Instagram page

Audiences understand when genuine fun is being had from your business and they’ll respond positively to it. Work that sense of humor and apply it to what’s great about your business.

  1. Pop culture

You can reference pop culture to expand the shared knowledge of a post and create a higher chance for it to be shared more. These reference from movies and tv shows can increase the chance that people will also stumble upon your site when looking for these as well.

A recognizable image is a hook for someone who is already familiar with that pop culture reference and they will begin to identify your brand with similar interests as their own.

  1. Show off that originality

Any images or pictures that have been created by you are a great way to stand apart from all the businesses that reuse the same stock photography over and over. The association between your brand and the types of images you post become important to the followers of your social media pages.

There are designers and illustrators that can make amazing designs at the drop of a hat, but it’s also endearing to see the not so polished works as true expressions. Just make sure you stay consistent with the style of each post!

Hand Drawn Social Media

  1. Best of both worlds

The combination of text and attractive imagery is the perfect blend for your viewership. They can be fun to look at and offer valuable information that is easily shareable.

Social Media Infographic Success

These are a few tips to help you prioritize visual content in certain situations, but like anything there is no one size fits all solution.

Everything posted to represent your business is a choice that you can make. It’s a learning experience to know what works best for your particular situation so be fearless in experimenting with visuals to get the right fit.

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