7 Quick Twitter Tips to Make Your Local Business Stand Out

By Jackson Roberts on February, 6 2017
Jackson Roberts

7QuickTwitterTips.jpgJust how easy is it to increase your local Twitter following? I'm not going to change your mind on that in the first two sentences however, local owner, these seven Twitter tips will really help you gain business through your business twitter account.

With over 88 million people actively using twitter in the US alone each month there is a wide user base to draw from nationally and locally.

The greatest opportunity for this melting pot of a social media platform is the access it gives for interactions to occur with users who don't follow you.

Searching for local users that are looking for your services has never been easier to engage.

When someone happens upon your Twitter account they verify certain characteristics to see if they can trust your business off the bat. This list follows that user's mental checklist in order of importance.

1. Twitter Bio

First and foremost is considering your Twitter bio. This is because it's the first information you can communicate about your business to a potential new follower.

Keep in mind: if you're bored writing it, then someone is bored reading it.

You want people to follow you so here's the perfect first chance to give them a reason to. Reflect your brand's tone but also incorporate something to draw a viewer in for more. Humor, honesty, personal accomplishments etc., can go a long way to help a user feel like they're interacting with a person instead of a corporation.

Pop Quiz: Do you need hashtags in your bio?

Absolutely not. Aside from looking unseemly, hashtags do nothing to attract traffic to a bio.

2. Twitter Profile Picture

This is a personal choice for the community you're business is located within. The choice being between a logo or the owners smiling face.

If you are synonymous with your business then it's better to put yourself front and center to keep that personable image.

3. Twitter Cover Photo

Your Twitter cover photo is a great place to showcase a large banner image that represents your business.

Whether it's a group shot of employees, the exterior of your building, or a local spot in the community that identifies well with your location there are many possibilities for viewers to connect with your business and location.

4. Location is Key

Filling out your geographic location (City, State) when completing account setup is highly recommended. This will allow your page to become searchable by location. Extremely useful for those searching for your type of business in their area.

Another reason to keep your location enabled is that it allows you to see who's talking locally. For example if you have a business with a happy hour deal during the week and see people talking about where to go, sidle in and offer them your deal. There are thousands of local conversations going on locally that apply to any business area.

5. Pinned Tweets

Some tweets outweigh others as far as who you want to see them. For the tweet that keeps on giving, pin it to the top of your page so everyone sees it.

Order of operations for new page viewers goes as follows

  • Twitter bio
  • profile picture
  • cover photo
  • and then the tweets

This pinned tweet is a place you get to have control over what gets conveyed to a your audience first, what's important.

Maybe it's a product offer, eBook, or whitepaper; something that applies to the greatest attention of new and returning viewers. There's no need to lock yourself in here either, experiment with what gets interactions.

6. Images Tweet Better

Words of course have their own impact, but that can get lost in the other 140 character noise. According to Buffer, Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than their less visual counterparts.

Photos are also a great way to put your face on the company. Making it not as much about a logo but a face is important for local businesses to feel like part of the community.

Take pictures of your team in the office and at other local businesses you'd like to get in touch with.

7. Add Video to your Tweets

The highest production value of all tweet formats, the video.

Engagement rates shoot up when you include video with your tweets. You can use a link in the text or film a thirty second video within Twitter as well.

Video allows you to connect much more emotionally with your audience than text or imagery alone.  


These tips are simple to implement into your daily business and personal tweeting environment. Consistency will keep the results coming.

Twitter is just one of the many roads to take in creating new leads for your business. Click the Download Now button for a free e-book on 30 more tips and tricks to continue your lead generation. 

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